What is Google Algorithm?

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What is Google Algorithm?

The Google Algorithm is a mathematical formula, or set of these, which is responsible for building the criterion according to which Google positions the contents of any online portal in their lists of results by entering certain keywords, better known as keywords. A set of mechanisms that molds the strategies of web positioning and that is in constant evolution.

SEO specialists and anyone looking to grow their online portal are required to follow it closely, as it dictates who will be more or less visible in the search engine and does not stop changing every few months. Google’s new algorithm, for example, is completely different from what it was years ago, which influences the strategies to follow to position.

Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird or, more recently, Pigeon, are the clearest examples of this algorithm. Different versions that have appeared as major updates and that have sometimes completely changed the criteria for positioning, which accompany small but constant changes that take place every few months, to the point of reaching and surpassing the hundred annual updates.

An aspect of vital importance that we are going to see more in order to understand in depth what its usefulness is and to what extent it is influential. Not in vain, the algorithms of this search engine are considered as the hearts of the Internet as we know it today.

What is the Google Algorithm for?
Google’s Algorithm is used to sort SERPs with contents that, according to their own code, deserve to be in different positions depending on their quality and their reception by users. Its task is always that the reader, or user, finds the most appropriate answer to what he or she is looking for when entering a series of keywords, which instead of encountering millions of results, have in front of them what they really need.

Examples of Google Algorithm
As an example of the Google Algorithm we can take Hummingbird. This was one of the best known updates of their positioning criteria, as it was a completely new algorithm and managed to affect almost all searches made around the planet.

Google Panda Algorithm
Google Panda is Google’s algorithm focused primarily on quality content.This algorithm will reward all websites that offer useful and quality content to users.This nice panda appeared for the first time in 2011 penalizing all those websites whose content was low quality (Thin content). In other words, Google panda will be in charge of penalizing any content that is too short, that is duplicated in other websites, that does not add value, and so on.

Therefore, if the content of your website is useful for your users, is original and quality you will not have to worry about the action of this precious panda.

Google Penguin Algorithm
Google Penguin appeared in 2012 penalizing all those websites that were based on poor quality links.

Formerly, in the early days of the Internet everything was much simpler. You created a web page you put thousands and thousands of links in directories, link farms and you were able to position yourself.

With the arrival of Google Penguin all that changed radically. From then on, Google began to reward the websites that got the links in a natural way. In other words, quality over quantity began to be taken into account when it came to getting links.

Logically, this algorithm is not infallible and links can continue to replicate and buy. However, if you don’t want this nice penguin to penalize your website, you’d better get links related to your topic.

Hummingbird was launched by Google in 2013 to analyze semantic search and knowledge graph of web pages.

This completely new algorithm used parts of the old algorithms and introduced new things to achieve a greater naturalness in content and searches. This was a total revolution at the time. Keep in mind that its arrival affected 90% of the searches.

With Hummingbird we tried to change and improve the conversational search so that in this way the Google search and the results would be more natural and simple for the user.

In short, Hummingbird was created in order to focus on the user’s search intention.

Google Fred
Google Fred was launched in 2017 and its implementation wreaked havoc especially on websites in the United States.

In fact, it caught everyone by surprise as there was no official confirmation from Google when launching this algorithm.

This algorithm mainly affected all those websites that wanted to earn money through advertising (except with Google Adsense) prioritizing this objective over the user experience and quality of content as say the expert seowebconsultora

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