The essential elements of high quality content

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How many times have you heard the importance of generating quality content? It’s what bloggers, marketers, online businesses and even Google are looking for. It’s what makes the difference between success or failure in your content marketing strategy.

Quality content is what will help your website position itself in the search results, attract links naturally (link baiting), generate trust and credibility among your customers and show you as a reference within your sector.

However, quality content is an abstract concept that makes you wonder: “How do I know if my content is really quality?

The definition of quality may change depending on the sector you are targeting or the target audience but there are many common elements that serve as reliable indicators.

Checklist to generate quality content and detect it
Next I would like to offer you in the form of a list a series of premises or points that you must comply with to ensure that the content you are really creating is of quality and at the same time detect it in other websites.

Is the extension of your content adequate?
There are many discussions about the ideal length or extension that the contents you generate should have.

Google shows preferences for extensive content but above all it covers and treats all the details of a given topic. On the other hand, do not forget that users of mobile devices, which grow exponentially, prefer to consume shorter content quickly.

This is a battle that does not look like giving in, but rather increasing. So, is it better to have longer and deeper texts or pills that are easy to consume?

In the end, as usual, everything depends on your goals and the audience you are addressing.

If you want your content to be at the top of the search engines and attract links in a natural way, the texts of more than 1,000 words at least or even more if they are very competitive terms is what you need.

Conversely, if you prefer to focus on mobile users to get the information they need quickly, you’re going to have to cut the length of the content you generate.

To do this, focus on articles that attack mainly long-tailed keywords as they are searches that mobile users perform more often. At the same time, help yourself with lists, bullets and schematize your posts through sections to make them easier to read.

If you want to know more about mobile users you can read our guide on how to create a content strategy optimized for mobile.

Do you use images, videos, computer graphics or other visual resources?

It is possible to produce high quality content without having to resort to images or other resources but if one thing is clear is that visual content has a greater impact on the user. It helps to attract natural links, encourage viralization in social networks or increase the time spent on the page.

Do you take care of spelling, coherence and tone?
There are debates about whether orthography influences web positioning. The truth is that reading a post full of spelling mistakes is not pleasant for anyone and prevents you from being seen as a reliable and trustworthy page.

At the same time and especially when dealing with technical issues, it is very important to structure your content correctly and in a logical order. Make sure that your texts follow a coherent order and that you don’t jump from one point to another giving explanations, you will only make the reader dizzy.

Is it easy to understand your texts?
Quality content must be easy to read and above all to understand. You must adapt your content to the level, expectations and preferences of your audience.

Are you adding value with your content?
While it is true that it is difficult for a search engine to determine if a content adds value or not, do not forget that what really matters are the people who read you.

When reviewing the content you’ve published so far, as well as the content you’re going to publish, make sure you comply with the above elements to finish if your content really can be considered quality as say the seo agency mentedigital

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